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The Scoop

Easter Is Over...Now What?

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We are now a week past Easter. The Easter Bunny is gone, the candy is slowly disappearing from the pantry and the gifts from Easter are already losing their spark. So, we return to life as normal. But wait, is something missing? Did we overlook something in the midst of all this celebrating? We stopped for a day, or maybe a weekend, to hunt for candy-filled eggs, get a pretty new dress and sing a song about resurrection. Churches were packed for one of the two days out of the year when people make sure they go to church, but what about the other fifty Sundays in the year?

There are so many great songs we sing throughout the year, and especially on Easter regarding the resurrection of our Lord. We love to sing about Him conquering the grave, and defeating sin, but are those merely words you are singing or do you live them? He has beaten sin so that you can walk in victory over it. So as you face each day, ask God for the grace to get past each temptation that faces you and be sure to take time to thank Him for the victory He gives you over sin every day.  1 Corinthians 15:57

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