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Partner With Us

New Testament ministry is about partnering. Jesus had twelve people who traveled with him and many more who met him as He entered the city gates to minister. The power of two is a wonderful scriptural lesson that parallels what two people can do over the efforts of one.

Priceless Virtue is a ministry that must have a partnership base because the vision is far too great for one person to accomplish. Our world is ever changing and sadly enough, not for the best. This generation does not see the world as black or white, rather gray. Simply meaning they are willing to compromise truth and righteousness for a feel-good gospel.

The heart of Priceless Virtue is burdened for a generation that considers the message of salvation to be politically wrong. But we know that the real message of salvation is through the shed blood of Jesus and is the only way for sinners to find the Christ of Calvary.

Would you pray about partnering with Priceless Virtue to reach a world exploding with a brilliant young people who are looking for something to live for? Yes, we could use your offering, but we really need you as a prayer partner and one who has caught the vision of this ministry. We need you to stand with us as one in this monumental task that we are committed to.

This is God?s finest hour. All He needs to make this hour a victory celebration in your home is a commitment to stand with ministries such as this who are dedicated to helping your teen walk worthy of the calling with which she was called.