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Blog Entries

Rachel's Story

As a young girl I was very shy. I was never the popular one, the sporty one, or even the pretty one. In fact, that quiet girl over in the corner, the one with her nose in a book, that was me. Extremely shy and reserved. In fact, it was so bad that my teachers had some sort of an intervention for me in which they called my parents in and told them to enroll me in every speech, debate and acting class they could, to break me out of my shell. As I began to make more friends and become more outgoing, I looked to the women on television, in magazines and on the red carpet to inspire me and show me how to act. They were so successful and desired, I knew if I began to act and dress like them, I too would have a wonderful life.

Not much later, I was discovered by a local modeling agency and promised all the things I saw out of those glamorous women on the red carpet. Believing I would find true acceptance and love if I took them up on their offer, I gave up a full ride to Baylor University and decided to pursue a career in modeling. I quickly learned that with the less clothing I wore, the more attention I got. If I threw on a bikini and some body oil, I quickly morphed into that red carpet goddess I so desperately desired to become. I had fallen for the lie. Sadly it took date rape, physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse to finally get my attention several years later. On more than one occassion I had become so depressed with my life that suicidal thoughts would run through my mind. This was not the life I was promised! Sure, on the outside I had the glamour, but no one told me about the guilt and sorrow that would haunt me on a daily basis.

It was through the love and mentoring of a very dear friend that I finally was reminded of my true worth in Christ. My clothing does not define me, but it does send a message to those around me of how I want to be perceived. I was depending on my clothing and others opinions of me to set my value. Despite growing up in a Christian home, and knowing the Scriptures very well, I was deceived by the empty promises of this world. My desire is to keep the girls of this generation from making the same mistakes I made by helping them find true love and acceptance in Christ. Please check out the resources page for some great verses that have helped me overcome!

Blessings my friends!